Facebook Upgrades Photo Viewing, Sharing

Continuing the super-sizing of photos that began with the introduction of Timeline last year, Facebook on Monday enhanced image-viewing on the platform.

Now, when you click Photos at the top of your Timeline, you’ll be presented with larger pics that fill up the page. Presenting a page full of images will in theory make it easier to share photos. As Facebook’s blog stated on Monday, “With your Facebook photos all in one section, it’s simple to show friends your favorites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out.”

It’s no mystery why Facebook is putting so much emphasis on photos: Pinterest’s popularity has demonstrated a user preference for a more visual experience. Other sites like Quora and Chill.com have mimicked Pinterest’s design. Another major reason is the migration of users to mobile. Since photo-sharing is among the most popular activities on mobile, Facebook spent $1 billion to purchase Instagram and has rolled out its own Instagram competitor, Facebook Camera.

A Facebook rep, however, says the change only affects the Facebook desktop experience; mobile apps won’t be upgraded.

C++ Software Library by Facebook

Recently Facebook has released a library of C++ software components used to help run its social networking site. Facebook team plans to release more of its internal programs as open source, because they rely on different components in this library.

One clear bottleneck to releasing more work has been that any open sourced project needed to break dependencies on unreleased internal library code,” – stated Facebook software engineer Jordan DeLong.

Beside this, company’s engineers also announced about upcoming C++ conference  holding Saturday at its campus at Menlo Park, California.

Facebook Commerce for ELLE – New Solutions for Online Branding

Elle has launched a shoppable trend guide on Facebook social platform using the latest ecommerce initiatives within the magazine industry.

Elle‘s Facebook page, invites shoppers to navigate across six editorially chosen spring trends, including floral, nautical and ladylike.

Users can click “love,” “want, “own” or “buy!” on each product page. All interactions with the app are shared automatically on their Facebook Timeline. Users can also click to buy each product on the retailer’s website.

This makes it easy for users, potential clients to interact, and allows Elle to make free online promotions, as every action is shared with a user’s friends. It is more online branding steps than pushing increase sales.

Facebook as a New Search Engine

According Businessweek report Facebook is planning to launch new search engine, a group of engineers is at work on a vastly improved search engine within the site.

The idea is to take better advantage of the heaps of content Facebook users create on — and off — the site every day. With people sharing status updates and supporting brand pages on the network, as well as using Facebook’s “Like” button to mark articles and videos from external sites, there is certainly a lot to take advantage of.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has consistently downplayed the level of direct competition between Facebook and Google. “I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation when one company wins all this stuff,” he told Charlie Rose of PBS last fall.

Social Media World and Impact

Your company’s office manager has finally planned to use social media for your online success. So beside Twitter and Facebook, you must show the impact of other social websites, their positive ways of website optimization.

Thus, the main important SMM websites are:

Linkedin - is the Facebook of the professional world. Whether you’re focused on attracting new employees or new clients, your company can’t afford to skip out on all LinkedIn has to offer.

How you should sell it: 

  • LinkedIn business pages don’t follow the same one-size-fits-all approach as Facebook business pages: they’re completely customizable for different audiences. We can even post promotions or targeted specials directly on our LinkedIn page.
  • No site makes hiring and recruiting new employees easier. LinkedIn allows companies to post new jobs, browse resumes, or target potential recruits directly on the site.
  • We’re missing out on a huge opportunity to gain credibility in our field. Answering questions and providing advice on LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Groups is an easy way to establish our authority in the industry.

Seal the deal: Mention that LinkedIn profiles and pages tend to rank highly on Google, so you’re missing out on a chance to expand your brand-controlled search results. You can also track your page’s progress through LinkedIn’s analytics pages — and what’s more, you can compare your own analytics with similar companies in your industry.

2.) Pinterest

Why you should mention it: It’s only the fastest-growing social network of the year.

How you should sell it: 

  • Pinterest is the hottest social site around. If we jump on now, we’ll be just in time to catch floods of brand-new users itching to find brands to follow. If we can catch them now, we’ll grab followers before the site gets over-saturated.
  • It’s an instant way to communicate our brand. Internet users are flighty: if we can grab their attention with a standout headline and an eye-catching image, they’ll be more likely to check out our posts (as opposed to text on Twitter or tiny thumbnails on Facebook).
  • It proves we’re on the cutting edge, and it’ll take minimal effort to maintain (unlike Twitter and Facebook, which require a lot of one-on-one responses and interaction).

Seal the deal:  Point out how many of your competitors are already busy pinning away. If you’re first? Well, go ahead and point that out — you’ll be at the forefront of the trend.

3.) Google+

Why you should mention it: It’s time to stop seeing G+ as a Facebook competitor and start realizing its potential as an SEO powerhouse. Thanks to the introduction of Google Social Search, Google+ and the +1 button are revolutionizing the way we search.

How you should sell it:

  • G+ may not have Facebook’s numbers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Google+ is still relatively uncluttered, so our posts won’t get buried under game apps, news articles, and constant status updates (unlike users’ oversaturated news feeds on Facebook.)
  • G+ profiles and pages rank highly on Google. When someone searches our company, they’ll ideally see our website, our G+profile, and our LinkedIn profile in the top three rankings — meaning the top results will be brand-controlled and owned by us.
  • Google now shows miniature G+ avatars beside search results. Searchers also see your circle numbers; they can click “More by…” to see more articles written by our company. Without a G+ page, we’re missing out on a huge opportunity to stand out in the SERPs.

Seal the deal: If you mention nothing else about Google+, mention this: Having a G+ page grants you instant access to your followers’ search results through Google Social Search. Let’s say you’ve got a blog post that consistently ranks at #17 for your targeted keyword phrase. Share that post on Google+ and your entire G+ network now sees it on the first page of their Google Social Search results for the same keyword phrase. Jumping from #17 to #2 in the search rankings? That’s a pretty amazing advantage of G+.

4.) Foursquare

Why you should mention it: If you’ve got a brick-and-mortar business (or a strong connection to brick-and-mortars), Foursquare is a no-brainer. Set up mobile-only discounts and promotions, advertise a sale, post tips, and — most importantly — help customers find your business while they’re on the go.

How you should sell it:

  • Foursquare shows users nearby discounts and specials wherever they go. If someone heads to the salon across the street, they’ll see our sale and our location.
  • Foursquare also tailors search results based on the users’ activity. If someone checks into three similar businesses, for example, they may see our business as a personal recommendation for that user.
  • It’s a low-key social marketing strategy: unlike Facebook and Twitter, Foursquare doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Seal the deal: Foursquare isn’t just about luring in new customers. It’s also about rewarding the ones you already have. Tell your boss about repeat specials (“Check in five times to receive a free coffee!”) that’ll help keep those first-time customers coming back for more.

5.) StumbleUpon

Why you should mention it: The mega-popular social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is second only to Facebook in driving referral traffic. If you’re running any kind of content development and marketing strategy, you need to start submitting your links to StumbleUpon.

How you should sell it:

  •  Most sites rely on a direct link or a search term to get visitors onto their site. StumbleUpon is different: users enter topics they’re interested in, and StumbleUpon lets them “stumble upon” (get it?) sites they never would’ve found otherwise — including our site.
  • We can drive further traffic by optimizing link submissions with relevant keywords that match our content, getting us targeted traffic without having to worry about how we rank in the SERPs.
  •  StumbleUpon brings serious traffic with a minimal effort on our part. We write a post, we submit the link, and StumbleUpon drives the traffic for us. What’s not to love?

Seal the deal:  Let’s not forget that StumbleUpon is a form of free advertising. Even with lower conversion rates, it’s worth the small effort it requires to get a traffic boost.

6.) Tumblr

Why you should mention it: Sometimes you need to tweet. Sometimes you need to blog. Sometimes you need a combination of the two — and for that, there’s Tumblr.

How you should sell it:

  • Tumblr had 44 million users as of November 2011 — it’s a large-scale loyal audience that’s too large to ignore. Plus, the site has a decidedly younger vibe than the stuffier WordPress crowd. It’s a great way to target a younger audience.
  • Tumblr’s “reblog” feature (similar to Twitter’s retweet) allows our content to be shared and spread like wildfire. It’s a fast-paced alternative to traditional blogging.
  • Tumblr is designed for fast, frequent postings. Whereas blogs (typically) only post about 3-5 times a week, Tumblr users often post several times a day. It’s an ideal way to stay connected and present in our customers’ minds.

Seal the deal: Is your boss concerned about getting lost in the clutter? Tell him about Tumblr’s new highlighted post options, which features your important posts for just $1.

Lastly, don’t pitch every site on this list (at least, not all at once!). Pick one or two that will best help your company and start from there. You’ll be setting up your first company Pinterest board or Google+ hangout in no time.

Primary Source: http://www.searchenginejournal.com

Malware Scam at Facebook

A “worrying number” of Facebook users are sharing a link about a fake news reporting that U.S. has attacked Iran and Saudi Arabia. If users who follow the link then click to play what claims to be video coverage of the attack, they are prompted to update their Adobe Flash player with a pop-up window that looks very much like the real thing. Those who accept the prompt without knowing install malware on their computers.

More than 60,000 users had followed a link to the spoofed CNN page during 3 hours. Facebook removed that link, but others are still being shared.

“The bad guys are rotating through scam pages trying to stay ahead of Facebook,” Wisniewski said.

Wisniewski said there are a several ways that status updates could appear without users’ knowledge. Their Facebook accounts could have been hacked, allowing a third party to update their status. It is also possible for scammers to exploit weaknesses in the social networking platform itself or in Web browsers to post a status update using JavaScript.

Users who accepted the Flash player update prompt installed a fake antivirus tool on their computers. That tool would then alert them that their computer is infected with malware that can be eliminated for a fee. Such scams are one of the most lucrative, Wisniewski said, noting the irony that they net far more money than the legitimate security products Sophos and other security companies peddle.

In addition to exercising a healthy dose of skepticism that the U.S. would attack its ally Saudi Arabia, Facebook users can avoid the scam and others like it by updating Flash only from Adobe’s own website rather than from pop-ups.

Top 20 Facebook Fan Pages: Learn How to Make It Professionally

Every day online marketers find out new ways to increasing ROI, and of course the main way is to get more and more traffic. Social Media Marketing is great tool to have an impact on online business ROI.

Facebook Fan Page helps any online business to stayed informed and share company’s news . Everybody can create a Facebook Fan Page, it is easy, but before you do it, take a look 20 companies’ example demonstrated below, and that plan your own company’s social media in Facbeook in professional way.

1. Skittles
skittles facebook fan pag

Skittles launched a “Win the Rainbow” contest, asking its fans “what they would do for a Skittles vending machine,” which garnered entries that racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

2. Zappos

zappos facebook fan page

The Zappos Fan Page has a great call to action that tells visitors exactly what they should be doing the first time they come to the site. They also have a “Fan of the Week” section where they ask fans to send in pictures of themselves posing with a Zappos box in the photo.

3. McDonalds
McDonald's Facebook Fan Page

McDonald’s Fan Page includes a number of short and quick mental games that are not only addicting but also allow fans to share their scores with their friends, thereby promoting viral sharing.

4. Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson Facebook Fan Page

Harley Davidson’s page includes a number of informational resources that educate their fans on interesting topics ranging from how to ride to the history of Harley Davidson.

5. iTunes
iTunes Facebook Fan Page

The iTunes Fan Page brings much of the functionality of the iTunes Store right to their Facebook page. Search for artists or check out the most popular hits of the week, right from Facebook!

6. Jones Soda

Jones Soda Facebook Fan Page

The Jones Soda page has a number of engaging opportunities for fans. From the fan page, you can order personalized Jones Soda, get the iPhone App, or take the weekly poll.

7. VitaminWater
VitaminWater Facebook Fan Page

VitaminWater is using its Fan Page as its main online presence. Learn about upcoming product releases, such as their newest flavor Stur-D, right from Facebook.

8. Doritos
Doritos Facebook Fan Page

Doritos uses their Fan Page to share all of their recent commercials, including many of the ones submitted by fans. The quality and hilarity of many of the video shorts is sure to keep fans coming back.


Best Buy Facebook Fan Page

9. Best Buy

Best Buy’s Fan Page lets you shop and read reviews from products right on Facebook. Not sure which flat-screen TV you want to buy? Get feedback from their over 2.5 million fans so you don’t make a bad decision.

10. Porsche
Porche Facebook Fan Page

Porche has built its popularity on the style and elegance of its cars. Its Facebook Page capitalizes on this, allowing you to flip through a number of their models, and includes the ability to “start a web special” if one catches your eye. If their cars are a little out of your price range, you can use the color styler to create a custom make and model and send it to a friend who, if you’re lucky, might let you sit shot gun.

11. Kaplan SAT
Kaplan SAT Facebook Fan Page

Kaplan’s Facebook Fan Page makes studying for the SAT fun. Join the SAT Quizbank Daily Challenge to compete against other fans answering realistic SAT questions.

12. Redbull
Red Bull Facebook Fan Page

Redbull’s page is another great example of an incredible CTA. Upon first visiting, you only have one option – to “Like” their page. After that you can watch a number of their extreme sport videos from all over the world.

13. Dell
Dell Facebook Fan Page

Dell was one of the first big companies to embrace social media. They continue to build their customer engagement by allowing fans to ask for advice, get reviews, or get personlized recommendations right from their fan page.

14. Starbucks
Starbucks Facebook Fan Page

Starbucks recognizes that one of the best recommendations is going to be one from a friend. That’s why it has made the main offer on their Facebook Fan Page the ability to give a Starbucks gift card.

15. REI
REI Facebook PageREI’s page is another great example of CTA usage and customer education. They’re being very clear about what they have to offer and what they want you to do.

16. Burt’s Bees
Burts Bees Facebook Fan Page

Burt’s Bees gets cute with their Fan Page by playing on the emotions of their fans. We like you… don’t you like us? Well then click the “Like” button! =)

17. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Secret Facebook Fan Page

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and on the Victoria’s Secret Fan Page, you get access to their iPad and iPhone apps. Now you can “get sexy, anywhere, anytime.”

18. Sony
Sony Facebook Fan Page

Another example of fan engagement, on the Sony Fan Page you can vote to help decide how their game, LittleBigPlanet 2, is designed.

19. NFL
NFL Facebook Fan Page

The call-to-action at the top of the page pretty much says it all. “Like the NFL to receive breaking news updates, exclusive offers, and the best content and information from around the league.”

20. Coca Cola
Coca Cola Facebook Fan Page

Coca Cola has a wide variety of resources on their Fan Page. They do a great job of promoting their presence on a wide variety of social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr.

What are some of your favorite fan pages? Leave them in the comments below!

Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/9469/20-Examples-of-Great-Facebook-Fan-Pages.aspx#ixzz1l9ZuHfk2

Facebook Timeline Tricks – Avoid Being Scammed

It is not so long time that Facebook publicly launched its new feature called “Timeline”.  But there are still a lot of people who wants back to the old view of Facebook profile. Beware to not scammed by many pop-ups or fake pub information that offers you to slip back to the old look, just clicking few steps.

 Remember once and always: unfortunately once you activate the Facebook Timeline there is no back way to get the original & previous look of Facebook. FB Timeline Scam                                               Facebook Timeline Scam Warning

 Many of these ads appear near the top of Facebook search results for “timeline.”

A representative of Facebook said for this occasion:

We work hard to educate users on how to be safe… We regularly update the Facebook Security page and its over 5 million fans with tips and information about new threats. We also work with outside experts on education initiatives.”

Important to Remember: Never Like any of these Fake Pages about Facebook Timeline, and don’t allow others to access any information on Facebook!

Hope this topic will help you avoiding Timeline scams!


Twitter Displeased About New Google’s Search Changes

The most popular micro blogging platform Twitter has complained about latest changes of popular search engine Google concerning to integrate its social network G+ into online search results.

Search plus Your World” is a new feature which will automatically drive search results from G+ up the search rankings. Everyone obviously understand that it is an online competition between FB and G+

These changes include:

  • Personal Results – which allow users to find information such as Google+ photos and posts
  • Profiles in Search – users will be able to find people they are close to or might be interested in following
  • People and Pages – helps users find people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest



Twitter’s general counsel Alex Macgillivray tweeted in response to the changes: “Bad day for the internet. Having been there, I can imagine the dissension @Google to search being warped this way.”

Mr Macgillivray had previously worked at Google.Twitter expanded his point in an official statement.

For years, people have relied on Google to deliver the most relevant results any time they wanted to find something on the internet. Often, they want to know more about world events and breaking news. Twitter has emerged as a vital source of this real-time information, with more than 100 million users sending 250 million tweets every day on virtually every topic. As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter; as a result, Twitter accounts and tweets are often the most relevant results. We’re concerned that as a result of Google’s changes, finding this information will be much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users.”

Google hit back to this argue.

”We are a bit surprised by Twitter’s comments about Search plus Your World, because they chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer and since then we have observed their rel=nofollow instructions.This refers to a technical barrier which makes it difficult for Google to rank Twitter information”